This page has information about all of the ThunderClan Officials (Leaders, Deputies, Medicine Cats and Medicine Cat Apprentices) only. Also, there are rules applied to the page. If any of the officials listed do not obey these rules, they will be punished or demoted. Officials Idea by Xxena and Page made by Firestarlead on the AJCW.

Rules Edit

  • Medicine cats are allowed to have mates, but not kits.
  • Officials must be on about three days a week.
  • Do not doublegroup.
  • In order to become a leader, you must be appointed by the council, even if your leader has retired/died.
  • Medicine cats are allowed to have more than one apprentice, but only one official apprentice.
  • In order to become a deputy/leader, you must be at least 18 moons old, in order to become a full medicine cat, you must be at least 17 moons old.
  • Medicine cats must go through full training with their current OC before they become official medicine cats, even if they were formerly a ThunderClan medicine cat or claim to know enough to become one.
  • Only leaders can give ceremonies.

Leaders Edit

Leaders: 10/10

Jojojade19- (Pepperstar) Pepperstar is 25 moons old. She is a small, hazel-furred she-cat with dark grey stripes and black underbelly. Her mate is Chase and she has 5 kits. Some nicknames: Pepper, Pepsi, Peeper and Peppy. Her deputy is Vex. Her known siblings are Sepiastar, Snowstar, and Sunflare. Her duty is to lead her clan into battle.


Scarletthebunny- (Cloudstar) Cloudstar is 25 moons old. She is a pure white she-cat with light blue eyes. She has no mate, She has 21 siblings. Her deputy was Froststrike, but now she has no deputy. Her duty is to decide who joins the Clan.

*Taking a break from roleplaying. Return date unknown. She will not be demoted.*



cuteanimal17177- (Bella) Bella is the successor of Stormstar. She is 24 moons old and her mate is Rockystep. She has 4 kits. She has a light yellow pelt with gray splotches and light green eyes. Her nicknames are Jingle Bella, Bells, and Granny. Her deputy is Rockcloud. Her duty is to look over the clan.


littlecami7- (Ripstar) Ripstar is a Russian-blue shecat with lighter gray splotches, a black underbelly, and light blue eyes. She has many relatives, her parents being Raincloud and Northwind. She is 18 moons. Her deputy is Emberstorm. She has 2 newborn litters of kits, and her mate is Lionstar. A few of her nicknames are: Ripe tomatoes, Rippy, R.I.P Star, Echostarstar, Rip, Tide, and Ripjeans. Her duty is to deal with alliances.


Princesssaj- (Tawnystar) Tawnystar is a pale white-gray she-cat with white splotches, a light brown underbelly, and colorless eyes. She is 25 moons old. She has three kits, Honeyblaze , Mapletuft, and Breeze. Her sister is Ravenflight. She has no mate. Her deputy is Honeyblaze . Her duty is to speak on behalf of the clan.


Autumnsiera- (Sepiastar) Sepiastar is a feline of analytical erudition, strategic prowess, and cunning discernment. She is 25 moons old and is a svelte, hazel-furred she-cat with an ebony black underbelly, dark charcoal gray patterns and light sea glass green eyes. She has no mate and has six kits. Her known siblings are Pepperstar, Snowstar, Sunflare, and Coyotetail. Her duty is to exile cats

*Taking a short break due to camping, will be back in a few days*

Burn beby burn!!11


Cloudyfoother- (Cloudstar) Cloudstar II is 24 moons old. She has a snowy white pelt with light gray stripes. Cloudstar II's deputy is Tornshadow. Her mother is Willowsong and her sister is Stormheart. She has no mate, but two kits, Hollykit and Bluekit. Cloudstar II's nickname is Cloud. Her duty is to give tours to the newcomers.
Evil documents


xxdragontailxx- (Lionstar) Lionstar is a black tom with lighter cream-brown splotches and a light brown underbelly, with amber eyes. Lionstar is 27 moons old. His father is Sunfur, and he has multiple sisters and an adopted brother. He has two kits, Finchkit and Leafkit, who are adopted. Some of his nicknames are: Lion, Liono, Lionfart, etc.
Kitten that thinks is lion


meme183- (Citrusstar) Citrusstar was Leafstar's deputy. She is a cream furred shecat with hazel patches and a black underbelly and beautiful turquoise eyes. She is 18 moons.


snowpatch101- (Sandstar) Sandstar is the successor of Snowstar. She is a cream and dark grey she-cat with green eyes. Her parents are Rockcloud and Pinestar. Her deputy is Pigtail. She has one sister, Dawnfur, and 4 kits. Her mate is Thrushwing. Her nicknames include Sand, Sandy, Sandbox, Sandeh, and Sandtrooper.



Deputies: 7/10

GermanSheperdLover10- (Tornshadow) Tornshadow is the deputy of Cloudstar II. She has no mate or kits. She is a thick furred black she-cat with a tan underbelly and piercing golden eyes. Tornshadow is fiercely protective over those she cares deeply for. Little is known of her family, apart from her sister Gypsy. Many scars across her pelt proves she is not afraid to fight. She is 20 moons old. Her only nickname is Torn.
Tornshadow new form
musiclover2350- (Emberstorm) Emberstorm is the deputy of Ripstar. She is a thick furred ragamuffin crimson shecat, with white spots, a black underbelly, and piercing dark blue eyes. She is 23 moons. She has no mate or kits.
Ember AJ-0
lolbffari4- (Honeyblaze) Honeyblaze is a tawny she-cat with white patterns and a light brown underbelly, with sky blue eyes. Honeyblaze is 18 moons. She has no mate and an adopted kit. She would sacrifice herself for her family. She is her mother's, Tawnystar's, deputy. She has 2 siblings, 1 active, Mapletuft. Some of her nicknames are: Honey, Honeybee, Honeycomb and etc.


Puffiez- (Vex) Vex is the deputy of Pepperstar. He is 18 moons old and has a black pelt with dark grey splotches and a pale white underbelly. His mate is Rose and he has no kits. His nickname is Vexy.
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horseloverskl- (Rockcloud) Rockcloud is a grey she-cat with tan splotches and dark green eyes. She is 29 moons old. She has a large family, many of them being former or current officials. She currently has no mate, but has two daughters from her previous one. She is Bella's deputy.


Xxena - (Beeflight) Beeflight is a short-furred, light brown tom with a white underbelly and pale golden eyes. He is a level-headed, gentle tom. His mate is Solofall and he is 19 moons old.


Warriorsaysrawr4life - (Pigtail) Pigtail is a brown tom with a lighter brown underbelly. He has light blue eyes and is the deputy of Sandstar.
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Medicine Cats Edit

Medicine Cats: 7/10

Theclansforest- (Cinderberry) Cinderberry is a gray Maine coon with light tan stripes, a white underbelly, and light yellow eyes, and is 24 moons old. She does not have a mate, kits, or apprentice (her former apprentices are Sunflare, Morrowpaw, and Aspenpaw). She has a small and little known family.
Jammer3f26n- (Rosepetal) Rosepetal is a lean, golden-furred she-cat with sky-blue eyes who is 18 moons. She has many relatives, her parents being Topaz and Pip. Her mate is Dusk, and her adopted daughter is Chespaw. She has many close friends, her best being Sparrowwing. Her former mentor and other best friend is Ryeleaf. She has no apprentice at the moment. She is optimistic and occasionally serious when needed. Some of her nicknames include Cake by the Ocean, Coffee, Roseh, Lady Rose, and Señorita Sunglasses.
Wolvespartylol- (Brackenfall) Brackenfall is a light brown somali with crimson-red moons on his pelt, crooked jaws, and 3 legs. He has yellow eyes. His former mentor was Mossflight. His parents are Speckledstar and Lionfang of Shadowclan. His mate is Morningdove. He is 17 moons old. His son is Amberstone. He has 3 brothers, one being Sagegaze. His nicknames are BrackenBae, Bacon, Cookie, and Sagey Pooh. His apprentice is Haru.
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Starlitcat- (Ryeleaf) Ryeleaf is a petite, slender she-cat with a reddish-brown pelt and blind, milky white eyes. She is 28 moons old, and her apprentice is Wavepaw. She was mentored by Bluewhisper, and has formerly mentored Rosepetal. She has a passion for healing that has never wavered throughout her life.
Crypticnightmares- (Morningdove) Morningdove is a thin Red Point Siamese coloured she-cat with icy, slate blue eyes, long legs and tail, with a white muzzle and flash on her chest. She is Levi and Stormsong's adopted kit and she is 17 moons old. She is Brackenfall's former apprentice. She is very serious, and often times quiet to the point of being a mute. She has no nicknames. Her mate is Brackenfall.
Rainbowkitten9988- (Amberstone) Amberstone is a massive ginger tom, with white, murky, blind eyes. He is 24 moons old, and has no apprentice or mate. His former mentor was Sagegaze, who was also his father. He has 4 brothers: Echostar- Leader of Skyclan, Aquastar- Former Leader of Riverclan, Twigleg, and Fogwing. He is intelligent and somewhat prespicacious when it comes to his knowledge of herbs, justice for his friends, and his clan. He is kind, goofy, and reasonable all in all.
Cinccino- (Garlicleaf) Garlicleaf is an average sized brown-point siamese tom with the typical blue eyes of his breed, and admittedly overly-fluffy fur. He has long ears and because of that they're quite sensitive to sound. He's 15 moons old and does not have an apprentice. He's quite the cheerful cat, cracking jokes quite often, even in a crisis, and somehow remains this way if irate. His nicknames are Garlic Bread, Garlic husk, Garlicbreath, and Nose.

*Will be on vacation from June 30th to mid-July. He will not be demoted for inactivity.*

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Medicine Cat Apprentices Edit

Medicine Cat Apprentices: 4/1

Payful128- (Wavepaw) Wavepaw is an extremely small, silver Munchkin she-cat with white spots and brilliant amber eyes. She is 28 moons old, and is quite fond of peaches. She is very friendly, though impulsive at times. A while back, she fell off a cliff and was thought to be dead. She returned, but she now suffers from a few mental issues. Her mentor and best friend is Ryeleaf. Her nicknames are Wave, Wavey, Wavebread, Wavebug, and Wavestrudel.
Jakesprite- (Creekpaw) Creekpaw is a small Russian Blue cat. He is blind, but has a good way of smelling herbs to treat, and sort them out.His mentor is Morningdove.He is 7 moons. His mother was Leafstar(Leaftail). He has no known siblings. He also has no mate. Known nicknames include: Creeky, CreekDonald, and Mello yellow Creek.
Remyremsters- (Robinpaw) Robinpaw is a small brown ticked maine coon she-cat with a crooked jaw and green eyes. She is 6 moons old and her mentor, who is also her best friend is Rosepetal. Her parents are Morningdove and Brackenfall. She has no sibilings or mate. She loves to heal and learn new things. Her nicknames are: Remy The Rat, Robin bae and Rob. 
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Mattyisepic- (Haru) Haru is a black and dark grey maine coon tom, with colorless eyes. He is 6 moons and his mentor is BrackenFall. His sister is Belladonna and his mother is Halfmoon. He likes spending time training or with his sister. His nickname is Ru.